May/June in Kaohsiung

Although we’ve been in the Western Hemisphere for the past two weeks, this post is about our last month and a half in Kaohsiung.

One dramatic event that happened a week before we left was being evacuated from our apartment. They needed to spray for mosquitos because a student in our building had Denge Fever. Luckily, our quarantine included a two night stay at the lovely beach hotel next to campus. The images below are of us at the hotel and then images of the CDC ready to spray and our apartment empty and covered with plastic:

Windows Phone_20150604_003 Windows Phone_20150604_002

IMG_3595 IMG_3591 IMG_3583 IMG_3580 IMG_3576

Both boys had end of the year concerts. Jonah’s class sang “Let’s Go Fly A Kite”: IMG_3233 IMG_3226

And Reuben’s class sang songs in Chinese, Taiwanese, and Japanese: Windows Phone_20150606_105 Windows Phone_20150606_038 IMG_3645 IMG_3735

Marc and I spent our anniversary getting foot massages and eating a nice lunch: IMG_3690 IMG_3684 IMG_3682

Both Jonah and Reuben’s classes made going away parties. Jonah’s class gave him a very cute t-shirt signed by everyone: Jonah's tshirt

And Reuben’s class sang songs and gave him cards: IMG_3734 IMG_3730

Here are a few pictures of things we want to remember like the mopeds and the many things that people can carry while riding them (families of four, dogs, packages, poles, etc.): IMG_3341 IMG_3348 IMG_3363

The kids actually got to ride on a friend’s moped (albeit on an empty side walk): Windows Phone_20150531_004 Windows Phone_20150531_003

We will also remember loose dogs (I don’t think any dogs in Kaohsiung are on leashes): IMG_3375

We’ll remember the boys’ “stores” in our apartment: IMG_3354IMG_3394

Eating banana ice cream at the organic farmer’s market: IMG_3675

Reuben buying the newspaper by himself at Family Mart: IMG_3694

We’ll miss these wacky construction dolls that are supposed to warn you of upcoming construction: IMG_3477

We’ll miss the view of our apartment on Monkey Mountain: IMG_3355

And, of course, the monkeys!

2014-09-01 15.48.50


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